Welcome to the bottle opener collection of Váry Péter Sr. and Váry Péter Jr.!

About us

My father and I started collecting bottle openers in April 2017. Over the course of 4 years we've gathered over 1750 different openers from more than 30 countries, and many of them have a story, some of which I will try to tell You!

We keep our collection on display in the boiler room of our house in Sfântu Gheorghe, Transylvania. The once empty walls are now home to our greatest collection.

I've kept a record of each opener since the very beginning, thus I can tell when and where each one is from. Thus we won't end up acquiring more than one of the same opener. However, there are some which are easier to identify with the use of images. I hope that Fandom by Wikia will not only be useful to others looking for a certain opener but for my father and I as well.

Getting You started on the Wiki

Do you wish to find out more about an opener you own or wish to have? Are you interested in a certain shape of opener or a certain brand but you don't know where to start? We advise you to visit our page where we show you all the categories that will help you find the opener you are looking for!

Favorite pages

Here you can find the pages we prefer the most.

Blog posts

I also try to write blog-style articles about the collection, new openers, fact, tips&tricks and generally what is on my mind. Be sure to follow along if you're interested in the evolution of our collection, exhibitions, important announcements or if you wish to get some tips on how you should grow your collection!


I will only post pictures of bottle openers that we own in our collection! Images sent by other users to be posted on the Wiki will not appear on separate pages.

I will be the only person able to edit the pages. This is because we want the Wiki to show only what we have in our collection. However, suggestions and information are always welcome, you can leave them in a comment under a certain page or send it to me via a message.

- Péter Jr.

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